The Flower Dress
The Flower Dress
The Flower Dress
The Flower Dress

The Flower Dress

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We have our own definition of BDAYs- it’s quite distinguished than the standard.

How they should be celebrated rich yet understatedly, how the Bday child should dress- elegant yet comfortably, how the memories should last- definitely not tiringly of a cranky baby & a tired parent. 

We love creating beautiful memories - and for that the starting point is COMFORT. We don’t start with making it a point to create the show stopper outfit- instead we feel how a child wants to enjoy the day. Looking good is the last thing on their mind if u didn’t know. 

She wants to play her heart out & feel like a princess only with the treatment her friends give her- make her feel special by mere act of being around her. 

And amidst this, a functional dress comes to play- it should be luxurious, understated & statement. And we take pride in doing exactly so. 

A truly limited edition Floral dress done in a fine twill weave- topped with an Organza shoulder/ sleeve. Soft cotton lined, zipper closure at back. 

Can be worn to her bday & offcourse dressed up or down the way u please. 

Ready to ship, can be dispatched in 24 hrs & reach you between 2-4 working days basis your location.  

 Wash care :Dryclean Suggested.