मीरा- Meera by ATF, is an ode to the women aka MUMs of ATF who have been our biggest cheer leaders throughout our journey of being dress makers for their kids. 

There has been immense love that came our way since our get go in 2017. We have never had any marketing budgets and  neither did we need one cos we were built by all of u all with ur love, testimonies, spread a word , repeat purchases & endless faith. 

Believe me or not, so many of you have introduced so many new mums to ATF & that’s been very reassuring. And as they say, business takes its own trajectory - a smart entrepreneur must follow the cues - and I sure do ❣️

I gave you what u asked, when you did. And this time I felt that you were so ready to dress yourself up in my Meera!! 

You will see a lot of me, AMAN in my MEERA for you ❣️

Put together “GUL- Flora of the Indian Subcontinent “, our debut edit of handwoven sarees & “AAKAAR- PRAKAAR, celebration of different shapes & sizes of us”, our debut PRET wear edit for you to shop here. 

 Happy मीरा to you all ❤️

Aman Bedi Chhabra