Festivals are no longer the festivals that we grew up with. They were slow, they were homemade, they were more customs inclined, they were more mass- lots of neighbours, relatives, friends, friends of friend. To put it simply, they were bigger.

Today’s generation has graduated to nuclear/smaller families, gatherings/ festivals have become more intimate, festivals aren't any longer stretched over days, they are quicker, they are more relaxed & less religious. One thing that stays common though is good FOOD. It was big & beautiful then & its big & beautiful now & for kids all festivals are about great food, small gatherings & running around. Isnt it!!

LOGIC prevails over customs & traditions. Kids arent the kids that we were. They need proper reasoning as to why they should wear what they wear. Why should they not be comfortable over looking good. Mums from all over the place brief me on what their kids want rather than what they want & which is only fair.

Hence at @allthingsfancyhyd, I always keep comfort in my mind while designing anything. COMFORT doesnt equate to simpler clothes always. One could be high on style & comfort at the same time & thats exactly what your signature ALL THINGS FANCY is about.

Keeping these in mind, I am bringing to you this dainty festive collection . I promise you would see a lot of happy pastels, finest handlooms, elegant embroideries, roomy cuts & oh so many options. Are you ready to get spoiled!!!!!!!!!

Lets Spoil you ….

Love always