Gladiolus Kaftan
Gladiolus Kaftan

Gladiolus Kaftan

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Well who doesn’t like a Kaftan! I sure am an avid lover & a constant wearer too for the sheer comfort it gives! 

Back in the day, Kaftans were more private- worn primarily in house or as sleepwear!! But the silhouette is so flattering that it made its way to the mainstream fashion & even runways & now it’s too cool to wear a kaftan just about anywhere!! 

And while I find it so comfy, tried making one for my daughter for her very first beach vacation when she was all of 3 yrs & trust me the girl loved it & carried it effortlessly!! Since then Kaftans for kids is my plain vanilla go to suggestion to all mums! 

In here is a kaftan done in the August print- the gladiolus! You may ask for a custommade one too in a chosen “The FLOWER 🌸 of LIFE Edit” prints for both yourself & your little one. 

Watsapp 9703323131 to get ur custom print done!